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Write a health acrostic for your condition, hashtag, or username! (acrostic = a poem where every letter of a word serves as the first letter of a word or phrase i.e. DOG = Digs Others’ Gardens)

RA = Really Aggravating


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Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why?

My favorite social network when it comes to my health issues is Twitter. I love it. A lot.

While it’s a lot like shouting your thoughts out in a megaphone in the middle of Times Square, it’s somehow more intimate than Facebook at the same time. Maybe because the people on Twitter have a genuine interest in what you have to say and what you’re going through. I mean think about it – on Twitter they could follow ANYONE. There’s no limit, no friendship required, they CHOOSE you. When you send a friend request on Facebook out to anyone really, there’s SOME kind of social obligation to accept it for the most part. You’re friends, family, coworkers, fellow high school alumni, or you know you’re going to keep seeing this person at parties for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and don’t want to be confronted as to why you never accepted their friend request. (People really do that – it’s awkward.)

But on Twitter you just put some information out there – my profile mentions my type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis – and suddenly a world of people interested in what you have to say or in similar situations opens up to you. The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) in particular, is amazing. I’ve made friends, found doctors and information on updated medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and found people experiencing the same thing AS ME. It’s inspiring, comforting, empowering.

So, in short, I love Twitter. And to my 600+ followers – thank you.

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Day 10 - HAWMC - Les Apparences Peuvent être Trompeuses

It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post your favorite picture of yourself. (Extra points if you can guess where we are 🙂

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Patients, what advice or tips do you have for caregivers out there – professional or otherwise!

For parents of kids with type 1 diabetes I offer this advice:

Please don’t attempt to bully your child into taking better care of him or herself. It doesn’t work. Do not tell them how their kidneys will go or that they’ll go blind if they don’t take better care of themselves. The truth of the matter is that some people with type 1 diabetes develop complications regardless of how well they remain in control. Sure, the Edmonton Protocol gave us great insight into the fact that better control means less complications, but it’s not a guarantee.

All you’ll end up doing is making your child more afraid that he already is. OR, even worse, you’ll give him the idea that nothing they do will be good enough so why bother trying at all.

It’s easy and tempting to threaten and cajole because you’re scared to death yourself. I get it, I’m a parent too. But try to stop yourself. Please just try. It doesn’t work.

Beyond that, listen. Your child needs support and someone to listen when he tells you that it’s just not fair. It’s not fair. The best you can do is somehow, someway, get them to try their best regardless.

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Day 3 - HAWMC - A Picture That Symbolizes My Condition

Rheumatoid Arthritis. The joints in the fingers on my right hand that will never again allow my old rings to pass over them.

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Well, I blogged every day of April but two. Hey, they SAID I could skip two!!! So I did. It was fun, not as stressful as I thought it would be, and maybe JUST MAYBE I’ll blog a little more often now. We’ll see.

My Favorite Post(s):

My personal favorite was the superpower one. This is something I’d been wanting to write about in some form or another – the idea that just because you have one chronic disease, doesn’t mean that you’re immune (pun intended) to other illness.

The post that others seemed to like the most was the letter to my 16-year old self.

And the one that just made me giggle to myself once I got going was the Cure post. To all of you who have landed on my blog looking for a cure for type 1 diabetes (and according to my stats there are A LOT) – I’m so sorry for raising your hopes falsely. Please, please don’t take my cure seriously. PLEASE. Also, there is no cure for diabetes. I’ve been dealing with this for almost 31 years already so I’m not even going to say, “YET”. But it’s chronic. If you want a cure, donate to JDRF.

My Least Favorite Posts:

I’m not even going to link to them, but they were the goofy ones: Haiku, madlib, those kinds of things.

To whomever is reading this; I hope I haven’t bored or annoyed you this past month. It was mostly an exercise to see if I could do it. And like so many other things in my life – I did!

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5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

1. Steve Jobs – I recently started reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and already it’s amazing. His death meant a loss for so much more than a company, but a nation. I realize that putting him on this list makes me seem like such an applephile hipster, but so be it.

2. Shakespeare – I’ve studied so much of his work and would love an opportunity for a glimpse into a mind with that much creativity. However, I recognize that there’s likely some insanity there as well. His presence may preclude any rational conversation with anyone else…

3. John Stuart Mill – Hopefully this is a LONG dinner because I think I could sit for hours and discuss his philosophy as illustrated in “On Liberty” – specifically the harm principle.

4. and 5. My grandmothers – There are so many things that I wish I had asked these women while they were alive. Both lived extraordinarily long lives, but for some reason I never took the chance to ask them more about their childhoods, my parents’ childhoods, their lives in general. It is an opportunity lost and I love the prospect of having a few more minutes with both of them.

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