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The most amazing thing happened today. I was sitting in a collision repair shop at a service agent’s desk waiting for him to tell me what the damage would be to repair the damage to my husband’s car from a recent hail storm. I overheard another agent tell yet another that he was waiting for a client to walk in. The guy he told that to walked off and I watched the agent do the most extraordinary thing.

He just sat there.

I know he said he was waiting, but had no idea that a human being could actually take that word at its most LITERAL definition.

He sat there and waited. His desktop was clearly visible on his computer. He didn’t start using his computer to do any actual work or even surf Facebook. There was no smartphone in his hand. He wasn’t even utilizing the unnoticed window visible over his cubicle wall. Instead, he was simply…sitting there. Staring. Staring at an unidentifiable spot just above his desk.

I was fascinated.

I felt like an anthropologist observing a human event never before witnessed. A man. A worker. In repose.

I didn’t understand and couldn’t analyze the range of emotions that welled up inside of me. The over-worked, overly anxious person inside of me that often wishes for an extra hand and several extra hours to each day wanted to throw him out the under-utilized window. Another large part of this same person wanted to worship at his feet.

And still he sat.

I timed him discreetly as I still sat there waiting for my service advisor to give me the cost to fix my car. Six minutes. SIX MINUTES he sat there. The only reason I stopped timing after six minutes was because my service agent interrupted my observations to finally give me the data I needed.

I was in awe.

I left that shop in a bit of a daze. I drove home but don’t really remember how I got there. I started to get angry. How can a person do that? How is it possible that a person can simply switch OFF like that? So I sat down and picked a scuff mark on a far wall, and stared.

I made it almost 16 seconds. It was excruciating. My brief and yet interminable revery was continually interrupted by a running list of what needed to get done. I couldn’t sit there any longer. And I had to resist the urge to work twice as fast the rest of the day to make up for those 16 seconds lost to the experiment.

There’s a part of me that believes he did it on purpose. Look at me, he seemed to shout while sitting there. I don’t have a care in the world. I have a client coming in at a specified time and until he or she shows up, I have nothing to do. Look at you, he seemed to sneer. All caught up in your mental machinations, aren’t you. HA.

Well played, inert man. Well played.


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